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Our Mission

Via Vita Veritas - road, life and truth. Our mission is to inspire middle/high school students to strive to become master level person in the future, to look beyond the academic and social pressures they face everyday so that they can discover a passion for life that will sustain them in the years ahead. Through our exciting summer sessions, we stimulate their interest, pique their curiosity, and open their eyes to the wonderful kaleidoscope of life’s possibilities.


Our program is to help our students be exposed to a breathtaking rainbow of paths ahead that lead to many opportunities for a fulfilling life. Our hope is that they will become eager to explore these choices, be inspired to visualize where their personal journeys may lead, and then make decisions in harmony with these newly-found insights.


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

 ----William Butler Yeats

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