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Summer School Program Details

Program: Program

20+ Master Classes

Our Masters

1. Have high prestige and noble personality (non-sibi)

2. Are nationally or internationally renowned experts covering medical/biotech, law, business/entrepreneur, and engineering

3. Are successful in multiple fields 

Lecture Series

1.  Opening key-note speaker: knowing the truth, finding the way to a happy and fulfilled life

2. Master classes covering clinical medicine, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and research

3. Master classes covering the origin and history of law: Civil and Criminal, Patent and business Law 

4. Master classes covering AI, astrophysics, renewable energy and architecture

5. Closing key-note speaker: 7 survival skills the students need for their future

Project Series

Masters lead projects or case studies so students can be involved and get a taste of reality:

1. Project based class: using MATLAB to analyze data and build model

2. Court trial simulation classes

3. Business etiquette class

4. Business case study

The program is open to coming 8th-12th graders.


Parent Benefits: Meet online with top consultants and prestigious school interviewers and info session on July 11, 2020


Time: July 6 to 17, 2020, 12 days, 10:30 am to 3:30 pm.


Refund policy: 
100% before May 29,
75% before June 12,
50% before June 26, 
25% before July 3. 
No refund will be made after July 3, 2020


Registration will be considered complete when payment is in full. 

Once registration is complete, please sign up to gain access to study materials. It is recommended that students start reviewing the study materials a month before summer school starts to be well prepared for a full experience.


Outstanding College Consultants

  1. Give step by step guidance on High school course selection

  2. Provide detailed information on College selections

  3. Provide general advice on College application

  4. College life

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